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"ut supra, sic infra, ut intra sic extra..."

("as above, so below; as within, so without...")

Hermes Trimegistus

In my business model the quality of the environment that surrounds us is as essential as the quality of the material, subject or content that is being shared. Both are part of your experience. Let the two be in harmony and in balance. Based on the basic laws of life (see quote), the quality of the environment reflects in the quality of our sessions (and vice versa) and in your state of well-being whichever service you choose.


I am proud of the environment I can share with you and I intend to continuously enhance them. I value quality very much: the quality of the environment as much as the quality of the sessions, your time and experience with us. A way of expression is: uncompromising quality, care and attention as within so without.

I offer three fantastic properties, at excellent locations for the sessions, retreats, hosting, recreation or other events. 


(1) MOM Park Home Office is located close the BAH conjunction point, very near MOM Park Shopping Centre

(2) City Centre Home Office is in downtown, right in the heart of Budapest.

(3) The Recreation and Retreat Centre is called Danube River Cottage is but 35 kms to the south of the Capital, with direct connection with the Danube River.

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